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The Center for Emerging Technology Policy is a non-profit focused on the policy issues surrounding emerging technologies. We are a non-partisan think tank focusing on technology policy issues which impact democratic societies.

Our mission is to connect policymakers with technologists to advocate on behalf of public's interests of a safer, more egalitarian future that furthers the interests of public inclusion and strengthens democratic institutions.

We are committed to building transnational partnerships to work with both private and public institutions across borders by exchanging ideas and producing joint policy recommendations. By reaching out to international experts we help to bridge the gap between policy and decision-makers at government level and civil society. We aim to reach out to citizens and regional technologists who are not regularly engaged with the political process.

Our alliance is a collaborative effort with American and European groups to publish policy research, connect policymakers with the world's leading technologists, educate the media about technology, and to advocate for sound public policy in an increasingly interconnected world.